London’s Ancient Trees  

Russell Miller – Arboricultural and Ecological consultant

 Tuesday 14th March 2023 – online

Ancient Trees by Russell Miller

Russell will talk about where to find ancient trees, how they live so long and why they are so important for wildlife.

London is fortunate to have several excellent sites for ancient trees including: Richmond Park, Hampstead Heath, Epping Forest and Greenwich Park. Ancient and Veteran trees are priceless habitats for thousands of species that live in or on decaying wood. It is the dynamic process of fungal wood decay that creates these habitats over centuries. Managing Ancient trees has special challenges, preventing collapse whilst intervening as little as possible.

Russell Miller is an arboricultural and ecological consultant. He teaches and advises on diverse issues such as: tree identification, urban wildlife, managing old trees, tree pathology & physiology, decaying wood invertebrates and fungi, bees and other pollinators, and tree establishment. He has 20 years’ experience in leading guided walks, nature connection, community engagement, managing volunteers and wildlife photography. 

Russell chaired the Ancient Tree Forum (2016-2021); founded Hackney’s Tree Musketeers (1999-2021); co-founded Sustainable Hackney (2008); helped found The Orchard Project (2009); and worked with pioneering Scottish rewilding charity Trees for Life (2000-2018).