Victoria Tower Gardens

A proposal to create a UK Holocaust Memorial was originally suggested in 2016. In 2017 the proposal to build this monument and an underground Learning Centre at Victoria Tower Gardens was submitted to Westminster City Council.

Victoria Tower Garden, a unique Grade 2 public park in central London, runs immediately along the Thames and provides the setting for the World Heritage Site around Westminster and the Houses of Parliament. The Trust has prepared a Statement of Significance about the site to elaborate on the Inventory entry.

Victoria Tower Gardens

The Trust has on numerous occasions raised concerns with the proposers during key stakeholder consultations about the location and the design of the development. Concerns include the likely impacts on listed statues within the park, such as the Grade 1 Rodin Burghers of Calais and the Grade 2* Buxton Memorial Monument marking the abolition of slavery, and the potential risk to historic plane trees which are in a Root Protection Zone. We have published our correspondence and kept a Record of Events if you want to find out more.

We are working with other campaign groups, including Save Victoria Tower Gardens. We have sought a Judicial Review because the Secretary of State appointed his Minister for Housing to take the final-decision, which we do not think will provide sufficient independence. The Judgment was released on 2nd October – and we are considering options to appeal. We are seeking donations for our Judicial Review here which would not be possible without everyone’s generous donations.

Save Victoria Tower Gardens and The Thorney Island Society are also seeking donations to help prepare for a Planning Inquiry with a different Crowdjustice site.

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