Victoria Tower Gardens

On 29 July 2021 the Minister for Housing, gave approval for the construction of the UK Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre within Victoria Tower Gardens. The Trust challenged this decision at the High Court and in April 2022 the Judge found in our favour quashing the planning permission.

We have published our correspondence and kept a Record of Events if you want to find out more and see the full judgment.

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Throughout the campaign, we have worked with other campaign groups, including Save Victoria Tower Gardens and the Thorney Island Society.

Victoria Tower Gardens

Victoria Tower Garden, a unique Grade 2 public park in central London, runs immediately along the Thames and provides the setting for the World Heritage Site around Westminster and the Houses of Parliament. The Trust has prepared a Statement of Significance about the site to elaborate on the Inventory entry.

In January 2021, the Secretary of State announced that as well as committing £75m to the construction of the memorial and learning centre in this park the Government would guarantee free public access in perpetuity to the buildings. The Trust has written to the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Parks and Greenspaces and the Chair of the Public Accounts Committee to ask for a parliamentary inquiry into this project and the use of public funds. To date a parliamentary inquiry has not been granted.

The Trust has also sought for the park to be declared Heritage At Risk by Historic England. So far that request has been dismissed as premature. The Trust disagrees as a planning permission has only been quashed by going to the High Court and the Government may either seek further legal proceedings or other routes to deliver their project.

How you can help?

Write to your MP asking for a new proposal that does not seek to build on a park or other protected green space.

Write to Historic England asking for the park to be declared as Heritage At Risk:

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