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Becoming a member of London Parks & Gardens is a wonderful way to support our work. We try to involve our members as a priority in all we do. By joining us, you will be supporting our work to:

  • Document the history over 2,500 landscapes made freely available on our Inventory. This major database provides the location, history and significance of gardens, squares and other open spaces which is vital for our campaign work to champion greenspace across London
  • Support our work to increase knowledge and appreciation of London’s green spaces for community groups, educators, students, local authorities, professionals

In addition, you will be updated about our progress and will receive:

  • A regular printed member’s newsletter: London Landscapes with what’s happening in London’s open spaces – news, commentary and events listings.
  • The London Gardener: the charity’s annual journal with garden history articles
  • Regular members’ e-newsletters: with exclusive information about what the charityis doing
  • Priority booking for our Lectures, visits, guided walks, study days, seminars and conferences on issues of importance to Greater London’s open space network and a free ticket to London Square Open Gardens Weekend or similar event that we may run

There are four ways of joining:

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