Enfield Chase: From Hunters to Commuters

LPGT Papers


Edited by Katy Myers with assistance from Michael Ann Mullen


Katy MyersForewordRead
John LangtonThe Origins and Development of English Forests and Chases, with some Particular Reference to EnfieldDownload
Sally WilliamsLodges and Estates of Enfield ChaseDownload
Michael Ann MullenChanging Land Use and Development in the Enfield Chase Area 1840-1940Download
Michael Ann MullenGardening on the Laing South Lodge EstateDownload
Further ReadingDownload


In April 2011 the London Parks & Gardens Trust held a study day at MoDA (Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture), University of Middlesex, Cat Hill, on the subject of ‘Enfield Chase: from Hunters to Commuters’. In the morning five papers were given, followed in the afternoon by visits to the South Lodge Estate, Town Park, and other open spaces in Enfield Town.

One of the papers given that day is not reproduced here. Jon Clark from English Heritage spoke about the Laing Estate built between 1935 and 1940 on the site of the South Lodge of Enfield Chase, which was also the subject of one of Michael Ann Mullen’s contributions. His text had been published as ‘South Lodge Estate, Oakwood, London Borough of Enfield’, in Rediscovered Utopias: Saving London’s Suburbs, edited by Bridget Cherry and Anne Robey (Save Britain’s Heritage, 2010), pp. 150-8, and can be consulted in that publication.

The four remaining papers are now being published on line, belatedly, in memory of Elizabeth Lebas (1947—2014) of Middlesex University, who chaired the day and gave invaluable assistance with its organization. She also did pioneering work with Michael Ann Mullen and Zoe Hendon for the exhibition ‘The Suburban Landscape: Two Hundred Years of Gardens and Gardening’, held at MoDA in 2007—2008, and was a member of the Council of the London Parks & Gardens Trust.

Katy Myers
February 2020