Press Releases and Public Statements

London Open Gardens 2024

05/06/2024 ‘Secret squares to stunning city views’ – London Open Gardens 2024

16/05/2024 From Fanny’s green lungs to Scandalous Squares! London Open Gardens tours selling out fast!

16/04/2024 10 Downing Street Garden opens for one unique weekend as part of London Open Gardens 8th-9th June 2024. 

20/11/2023 LPG launches London Open Gardens 8th-9th 2024 offering visitors the chance explore 100+ gardens not normally open to the public across London. 

Save Victoria Tower Gardens Campaign

26/04/24 Select Committee highly critical of Government in report on Holocaust Memorial Bill. LPG continues to urge Parliament not to build on Victoria Tower Gardens – an historic park.

24/01/24 LPG urges MPs to adopt a new plan to build a Holocaust memorial aside Parliament NOW, and secure space for a fitting learning centre nearby. 

21/05/23 LPG responds to historic decision on progress of the Holocaust Memorial and plans to build on Victoria Tower Gardens

17/04/23 Public Statement about LPG’s attendance at the Examiner’s Consideration of Hybridity in Parliament today.

25/01/23 Statement in response to Prime Minister’s Question time announcement today and in anticipation of Holocaust Memorial Day

21/07/22 Campaigners share ‘widespread dismay’ at Government failure to pursue a legal path for a fitting Holocaust education centre 

08/04/22 High Court backs charity’s appeal against Government plan to build on a London park 

22/02/22 Save Victoria Tower Gardens – High Court battle to protect London parks and secure a fitting Holocaust Memorial 

Past stories / videos

The Sharing Repton project is one of five national pilots funded by the National Heritage Lottery Fund. LPGT worked in collaboration with English Heritage, The Gardens Trust, and three refugee groups to engage new audiences in the care and celebration of parks and gardens. This project took place in two parts, firstly at Kenwood House and then in Russell Square. This film shows part of the project that took place in Russell Square in May 2019. We created the film to show some of the potential benefits that derive from supporting the trust, whether through membership, donations, buying tickets to Open Garden Squares Weekend or other fund-raising events.


We no longer provide a regular blog, but you can peruse all of the past posts and articles from guest gardens and others here.