Eccleston Square, one of the 2500+ sites on the Inventory


The London Gardens Trust Inventory provides public access to a wealth of information on over 2,500 parks, gardens, squares, churchyards, cemeteries and other sites of historic interest across the whole of London. The information has been assembled by volunteers who have undertaken detailed research over many years to create this resource.

We welcome new information – to submit amendments and new research evidence please email:

The Inventory and its content are provided for your general information only. Although the Trust makes every effort to maintain the accuracy of information, content may not be accurate and complete and is provided ‘as is’. Therefore you should not plan to do, or refrain from doing, something in reliance upon the content without first checking the accuracy of the relevant content by some other means. All content on this site is necessarily subject to change, sometimes at short notice.  

We link our information wherever possible with other resources including GoParks London and the Greater London Historic Environment Record to make sure that the vital historic features of London’s green spaces is protected within the planning system.

History of the Inventory project

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